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Take a look at the third of 9 Fundamental CrossFit moves.

As you have probably noticed, squats make up a big part of the CrossFit stable of moves. This is because they are an excellent way of building your core strength as well as your leg strength.

Take a look below at the Overhead Squat, the third of the 9 Fundamental CrossFit moves.

Here’s CrossFit expert James Hobart demonstrating an Overhead Squat.
Keep these positioning tips in mind when performing an Overhead Squat:

  1.  Shoulder-width stance

  2. Wide grip on the bar

  3. Shoulders push up into the bar

  4. Armpits face forward

  5. Hips descend back and down

  6. Hips descend lower than knees

  7. Maintain lumbar curve

  8. Heels down

  9. Bar moves over the middle of the foot

  10. Knees in line with toes

  11. Complete at full hip and knee extension

You can see in the video how James maintains symmetry and how the bar is directly above his head.

Holding the bar the correct way serves to reduce the risk of injury and allows you to work the muscles intended to benefit from this move.


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