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What Does A CrossFit Session Involve?

29 November 2017   Kaitlyn Sheppard

This is a workout like no other! Here’s what to expect Welcome to CrossFit! You’ve signed up because you love a challenge and you want to push yourself and see how far you can go. People sign up to CrossFit to reach their fitness goals, but they stay for the camaraderie and the ‘high’ you get from intense workouts. If...

How to overcome muscle soreness

29 November 2017   Kaitlyn Sheppard

Taking care of your body is an important part of CrossFit. Here’s how to ease the pain of tired muscles. Feeling the burn? When you do CrossFit, muscle soreness is part of the process. Don’t be put off by those aches and pains! Instead, learn how to take care of yourself to minimise the impact of your workout. These tips...

10 CrossFit terms you need to know

29 November 2017   Kaitlyn Sheppard

What’s a WOD? Here’s your guide to the language of CrossFitCrossFit is a highly addictive workout that will take your fitness to extreme levels. Developed in 2001, the technique combines a series of high-intensity exercises to give you a full-body workout. Fans can’t get enough... there are now thousands of CrossFit gyms around the world. It can be easy to...

How CrossFit can change your life

29 November 2017   Kaitlyn Sheppard

Christine was over 200 pounds overweight and unhappy. Find out what happened next. For 34 year old Christine Perera, being overweight was something she did not believe she could change. Weighing more than 200 pounds, she was miserable and “everything was impossible”. She felt helpless believed she was going to be stuck in a body she was unhappy with for...

Think CrossFit is not for you? Think again

29 November 2017   Kaitlyn Sheppard

Being a lean, mean fitness machine is your end goal. You don’t have to start out that wayWe get it! The world of CrossFit can seem intimidating. It can be easy to think you’re not going to fit in unless you have rock-solid abs and can lift twice your own body weight. But let us assure you… that’s the end...


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